IUSARF History

Recognizing that funding has diminished for the Idaho State Urban Search and Rescue Teams, the Idaho Urban Search and Rescue Foundation (IUSARF) was founded in 2012. It is the mission of IUSARF: To save lives by providing training opportunities and operational support for the Urban Search and Rescue Task Forces of Idaho.

This is done by raising money for the teams. Money raised is used to purchase lifesaving equipment and to send team members to continuing education or by bringing the instructors to them. IUSARF has been successful in providing the Boise Fire Department’s (Idaho Task Force 2) with the Amkus Rope Rescue System AARS1 as well as partial funding for ongoing continuing education. In the fall of 2017, we assisted financially with sending one member of Task Force 2 to a week-long advanced rope class. That member then brought that information back to the other members of the team.

It is the desire of IUSARF to continue to assist the teams for years to come. Through a partnership with private citizens and organizations, we hope to continue raising funds for the teams.

Although currently well equipped, Idaho Task Force 2 (ID-TF2), made up of members of the Boise Fire Department, the team is deficient in two areas.

1) Deployment Vehicle.
Currently, any response is made by pulling several “hand me down” trailers to any response. IUSARF is raising funds for the purchase of a single response vehicle, intentionally designed for the very specialized urban search and rescue needs.

2). Training Center. Urban Search and Rescue teams may be called upon at any time to respond to an emergency, meaning team members must be continually prepared for the rigors of actual rescue. A training center focused on the unique and constantly changing situations rescue teams may encounter is needed to best protect the lives of both citizens and first responders.

The cost of these two items is estimated at $800,000 each. Achieving this ambitious goal may take time, but IUSARF is committed to helping meet
these critical needs.

IUSARF meets with members of ID-TF2 to discuss their needs. Based on these meetings, we will adjust our fundraising goals as needed. For more information about us, please visit our website. www.iusarf.org. We can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Latest News

A Thank You to IUSARF

The Idaho Urban Search and Rescue Foundation was instrumental in helping me fund a trip to Joshua Tree California, where I took part in an 8-day Rope Specialist course. The foundation paid for all of my travel expenses.

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Firehouse Subs Grant Recipient

IUSARF is proud to announce the receipt of a donation by the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation! IUSARF is honored to have been chosen to receive the grant that will help purchase life-saving rescue equipment.

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