The Technical Rescue Team started like all of our specialty teams when our members recognized the need and started down the path to create the team. During the first few years the team operated with limited funding and no official recognition. The Department began sending members to the AMSAR rope courses and began to partnership with Micron and United Water. These opportunities increased our level of training and identified the deficiencies that existed. The creation of the Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) occurred and opened up the ACEMS Special Operations Team to four members from Boise and three members from Whitney. The participation in SOT provided a means to continue increasing the level of training we were receiving. Several of our members became instructors for SOT, Idaho Emergency Services Training (EST) and some went on to teach for several nationally recognized programs. The lack of participation and commitment by a large portion of SOT and the fact that Boise Fire was carrying the financial burden of the SOT training program caused the end of our participation in SOT. Even though the participation in SOT ended we continued forward with the development of our team. The need to provide specialized rescue services continued to grow. After the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon the financial commitment to emergency services grew. DC Webb and members of CDA Fire approached the Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security (ID-BHS) with the concept of creating Regional Rescue Teams similar to the Regional Hazmat Team. The State approved of the concept and decided to create three regional teams which would be located in CourD’Alene, Boise and a department to be determined in Eastern Idaho. Eventually, Pocatello and Idaho Falls agreed to jointly form the third team. Funding for the team came in several manners:

Homeland Security Grants (HS) (years indicated are grant years not calendar years. We just finished the 2008 grant)

                        2003/2004                 Equipment                                                 $120,000
                        2005                           Supplement purchase of Rescue 7          $100,000
                        2006-2008                 Equipment and Training                           $135,000

In addition to grants received ID-BHS also funded the initial core training classes that were conducted in Boise. These classes were attended by members of all three teams and the participants formed the core of instructors for all the teams. The courses conducted were, confined space, trench and structural collapse. 

                                                              Fire Act Grant (FA)

                        Equipment                                                                                   $160,000
                        Apparatus (Rescue 7)                                                                 $286,000

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A Thank You to IUSARF

The Idaho Urban Search and Rescue Foundation was instrumental in helping me fund a trip to Joshua Tree California, where I took part in an 8-day Rope Specialist course. The foundation paid for all of my travel expenses.

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Firehouse Subs Grant Recipient

IUSARF is proud to announce the receipt of a donation by the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation! IUSARF is honored to have been chosen to receive the grant that will help purchase life-saving rescue equipment.

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